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IT Solutions
for Your Business

We work in partnership with leading technology vendors to provide hardware and software solutions matched to the IT solutions needs of your business.

Ad-hoc IT Services
Systems support and administration
Onsite or Remote Services

For most of our clients we act as their computer support department. We install new hardware and software packages, setup and test backups, perform restores, setup/update antivirus packages, create and remove users. We fault-find all manner of computer related problems, often acting on your behalf where solutions require co-operation from third parties like your Internet Provider or your specialist software supplier to achieve the best outcome for you.

System Health Checks

The regular health check encompasses the following services:

-    Implement service packs when appropriate – these may contain security updates to protect you from new hacker attacks. 

-    Check the backup system to ensure that all is functioning correctly – your business depends on your data. 

-    Ensure correct updating of virus signatures on server and desktops – new viruses are constantly hitting us and your virus software needs updating. 

-    Check the server event log for any issues – errors can be caught before they become catastrophic. 

-    Check capacities of hard disk drives to ensure that there is enough disk space – some software behaves erratically without enough free hard disk space. 

Support Contracts

To help you predict and control your IT expenditure, we can negotiate a fixed-price support contract to cover the hardware and/or software used in your organization. We can also supply prepaid blocks of time, or by the hour onsite services.

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